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Greenville County Golf Association

Founded in 1967, the Greenville County Golf Association has directed the various amateur golf championships in Greenville County. Started by local golfers who wanted to see a Greenville County golf "champion", the association has survived and thrived through over three decades. Leon Gravley was Executive Director for over 25 years, and led the GCGA, and the County Amateur to become one of the most important amatuer golf events in the Upstate of South Carolina. He was suceeded by his son, Mike, who not only leads in the number of victories of the Greenville County Amateur, but also led the GCGA succesfully following Leon's death in 1991 until 1995, when little brother Robbie took the helm. "I really enjoy the job, and in a lot of ways I feel that by continuing to be involved and stage these championships I am doing it to honor my father. I think this is the way he would want it", Robbie says. Mike continues to serve on the board, along with, David Holtzclaw, assistant director has served alongside Robbie since 1996, Joey Patterson, who sets up the course for county amateur, and Terry Willis, joined the tournament committee and also is the Cyder Cup Captain for Greenville County. Support from all the local clubs and golf professionals has been paramount. Most clubs in the county have hosted at least one event, and those that haven't send lots of players!!It is a labor of love to all on the board. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.



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We hold in very high esteem the history of past events. Our champions in all of our championships make us grateful to have been a part. Click the link below to go to our "Past Events" pages!!Past here!!



Past Greenville County Amateur Champions

1968 - Marilyn "Cathead" Stroud #
1969 - Sanford Duggan
1970 - Dillard Traynham#
1971 - Tommy Gaul
1972 - Tommy Gaul
1973 - Bill Hardy
1974 - Frankie Impson
1975 - Frankie Impson
1976 - John Fergeson
1977 - Bill Lovett
1978 - Keith Storms*
1979 - Billy Hong #
1980 - Bill Lovett
1981 - Joe Moses
1982 - Tommy Biershank
1983 - Billy Hong #
1984 - Bill Lovett
1985 - Chris Patton
1986 - Barry Beeks
1987 - Bill Duncan
1988 - Mike Gravley
1989 - Chris Patton
1990 - Michael Christie#
1991 - Gary Gaddy
1992 - Mike Gravley*
1993 - Mike Gravley
1994 - Mike Toalson
1995 - Mike Gravley
1996 - Bobby Hines
1997 - Whit Suber*
1998 - Bobby Hines
1999 - Matt Wills
2000 - Todd Satterfield
2001 - Brent Delahoussaye
2002 - Jeremy Revis*
2003 - Whit Suber
2004 - Chris Eassy*
2005 - Tim Garrett
2006 - Garland Ferrell
2007 - Tim Garrett
2008 - Trey Bridwell
2009 - Chris Wilkins*
2010 - Trey Bridwell
2011 - Marcus Grumbles
2012 - Josh O'Neal
2013 - Todd Hendley
2014 - Josh O'Neal
2015 - Zach Siefert
2016 - Yancey Johnson
2017 - Chris Eassy
2018 - Danny Brock
2019 - Cole Patterson
2020 - Chris Eassy
2021 - Nelson Dickson
*-Won Playoff

For complete results of the GreenvilleCounty Am starting in 2002 (when we started this web site), click here.

Note that there are eight two time champions: Trey Bridwell, Tim Garrett, Tommy Gaul, Bobby Hines, Billy Hong, Frankie Impson, Chris Patton, and Whit Suber. There are two three time champions, Chris Eassy and Bill Lovett, and there is one four time champion, Mike Gravley.

Several champions have gone on to play professionaly. Tommy Gaul was a long time club pro, while Chris Patton, Michael Christie, & Mike Gravley all at one time or another spent time on the PGA Tour, while Jeremy Revis spent some time on the Hooters Tour. Keith Storms, Michael Christie, Brent Delehoussaye, and Garland Ferrell were current college players when they won, while Todd Satterfield and Joe Moses were college coaches when they won. Bill Lovett has gone on to design and market his own golf club line in Florida, and we must point out the illustrious amateur careers of our first and third champions, Cathead Stroud and Dillard Traynham, who between them won a basket full of State Amateur & Open Titles. Of all the past champions, only Mike Gravley can rival the total tournament wins of those two.

You also might reacall the tragic death of Billy Hong, the reigning champion in 1983, when he was aboard the Korean Jet Liner that was shot down by a then Soviet MIG fighter. Billy, who won the '83 tourney at Pebble Creek to go with his '79 win, was extremely popular & loved by all.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of them all outside of Greenville County came from our 1985 & 1989 champion, Chris Patton, who just a few short weeks after winning the 1989 Greenville County Amateur title, was hoisting the Havemeyer Trophy as the U.S. Amateur Champion at the Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pa. Chris went on to play in the 1990 Masters Tournament, finishing as low amateur and an overall 39th place finish. He also played in the British Open Championship at St. Andrews. ALL AS THE CURRENT GREENVILLE COUNTY AMATUER CHAMPIION!!

We are proud of all our champions!!

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